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Diagnostic Services

Where to do blood work:



Alpha Labs

Where to do imaging:

Check each clinic to see which imaging services they offer (i.e. X-ray, ultrasound, mammogram, bone density, etc). You can take the requisition to any imaging clinic near your home, not just the clinics listed below.

Xray Ultrasound Mississauga

Trinity Medical Imaging

West End Diagnostic Imaging

Mississauga Vascular Laboratory

Nearby physiotherapy clinics:

We do not endorse any physiotherapy clinics in particular. You can google any physiotherapy clinics near your home and call to ask about price and services.

Triangle Physiotherapy

Six Points Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

Axis Physiotherapy

OHIP-covered physiotherapy:

Who can receive OHIP covered physiotherapy? Learn more.

List of clinics that offer OHIP-funded physiotherapy

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