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Clinic Policy

Dr. O.K. Medical Center maintains a standard set of policies designed to maintain optimally efficient relationships with all our patients.

Information/Record Keeping Policy

Dr. O.K. Medical Center requires a certain amount of personal information in order to properly service patients. Information provided is kept strictly confidential and secure.

Dr. O.K. Medical Center is responsible for the privacy of all patient data and as such, will not disclose any medical information to any third party (except as may be required by other health professionals) without consent from the patient.

Cancellation Policy

Dr. O.K. Medical Center requests at least 24 hours notice for cancellation of any appointment. This ensures that Dr. O.K. Medical Center has enough time to fill this time-slot with another patient. A fee will be charged for repeated offences for all missed or late (more than 15 minutes) appointments without 24 hours notice.

Patient Responsibilities


To ensure receipt of optimal care all patients are asked to:

  1. Please be direct and honest about information and give accurate and complete medical history.

  2. Please be considerate to the doctors, nurses, therapists, support and administration staff, as well as other patients.

  3. Please arrive 5-10 minutes early for your appointment to allow for the check in process to be completed prior to the appointment start time.

  4. Please bring your OHIP card, your medications or respective list, any other relevant health information/records with you to your appointments.

  5. Please be mindful of the appointment duration of 10-15 minutes per regular visit, and limit to 1 or 2 issues per appointment.

Financial/OHIP Policy

For medical services:

  • All patients must provide a valid (not expired) OHIP card at every visit in order to receive covered medical care.


    In the event of an expired OHIP card, the patient will be billed directly for the service at the time of the visit. This is non-refundable.


For cosmetic minor surgical procedures or for services not covered by OHIP, all services rendered are paid for in full at the time of service. There are no exceptions.

Dr. O.K. Medical Center provides all patients with all appropriate receipts of payment for submission to insurance companies but does not bill directly to 3rd party coverage providers.

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